Occasionally customers select their own color scheme and supply the paint. We are flexible and are happy to paint just one room or an entire house.

Patching holes or matching various textures is sometimes nearly impossible. Don't worry, we are here to help and work with plasters, compounds and techniques to fix you right up! 

Painting Company Lic.        # RCT-36901

Painting and More ...

When selecting a paint realize there are different sheens or lusters. They are:

  • Flat
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Gloss (Trim only)

Generally the shinier the sheen, the more durable the paint and more washable the surface. Flat is usually reserved for ceilings only and used to hide defects in a surface.

We recommend that kitchens and bathrooms use eggshell, satin or semi-gloss on all surfaces to repel moister,  grease particles or soot .

Higher quality paints will last longer, have a better sheen and  sometimes cover in just one coat if you are painting over a similar color!

One Stop shopping

Sanding , scraping, priming and prep work are our specialty. We can replace or install new trim, fascia, doors and windows.

Caulking and sealing against the elements to make your home last and to keep that fresh look.

Complete Home Maintenance and repairs. We do a variety of different services to save you time and money.

Construction debris removal. We always leave the site clean and trash free.

Delicate respectful service professionals. We realize we are in your home and believe in no hassles or chaos. We'll make it easy!

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If you are considering hiring a good painter then you have come to the right place!  We are here to advise you on the colors and products available to match your existing color or plan on a new one!  For instance, did you know that most paint stores can use a laser eye to match your existing color?