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We are a Boise based company with strong roots in the community. Our focus is to give you the best experience ever. We do the job right the first time. Let us be your next good decision. It is our pleasure to make your next project simple and excellent...

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Whether it's a small job or an entire home, we provide a friendly, professional grade experience that will last. I make it a point to add a personal touch to my work and leave "no stone unturned."

I Do it right the first time !

Reliable, Local, Experienced

Technique and process

It's all in the preparation!  Pressure washing and having a clean smooth surface is key. Scraping, Sanding and Priming to begin with ensure that your result is fantastic. Applying a supple, even coat help protect against the harsh Idaho sun and bleaching effects.

Good Products and Applications..

Using well formulated paints with good bonding agents and pigments are recommended . There are varying degrees of quality and price will determine how long your paint job will last, especially on exteriors. Well known brands and Big Box stores carry lowest to premium qualities and can color match existing colors or select existing paint codes and nomenclatures. I always suggest a shinier sheen to protect , especially on exterior, usually Satin. Reflective qualities reflect sunlight and bond against moisture. Some prefer a flat or matte sheen to give it the classic look.

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